VAL - GORGONZOLA DOP PICCANTE 1/8 1.6KG (CAROZZI) กอร์กอนโซล่า ดีโอพี ชีส

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A raw herbal cheese, produced with pasteurized full cream milk.

Only two Italian regions by law and tradition foresees the production of Gorganzola, and only these provinces: Novara, Varcelli, Cuneo, Biella, Verbania e Casale Monferrato, Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milano, Monza, Pavia e Varese. Only the milk from the breeders in these provinces can be used to produce and so give the protected denomination (D.O.P.) to the Gorganzola cheese.

Origin: Italy - Lombardy

Raw Material: Full cream cow's milk

Taste: The taste is strong, sharp, intense, long and aromatic. The aftertaste is long, sharp and piccante