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The most famous cheese from Aosta Valley.

Fontina is matured at least 90 days on wooden spruce boards in natural caves; during this period each wheel is turned and washed with water and salt; in the first 40 days the cheeses are also dry salted.

Origin: Italy - Aosta Valley

Raw Material: Raw whole cow's milk, obtained exclusively from one single milking, from cows of Valdostana breed, processed within 2 hours from milking

Taste: It is sweet and mellow, with strong hints of herbs due to the many herbs present in the pastures and a rich range of aromas that acquires during aging cave

Maturing: 90 days

Serving Suggestion: It is an excellent table cheese, Fontina is also a valuable ingredient in many dishes: Fondue, the Valle d'Aosta chops, the Gnocchi alla Fontina