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The origins of bergamot are uncertain and enveloped in an aura of mystery. The legend narrates that the plant was imported by Christopher Columbus from the Canary Islands, arriving in Reggio Calabria from the Spanish city of Berga from which it takes its name. The first plantation of bergamot dates back to1750 when the owner Nicola Parisi develops it along the coast of the rushes. Harmonious and pleasant its essence is used as an antidepressant and antioxidant.

Cooking time: 13-15 minutes.

Rustichella D’Abruzzo history began in 1924. Today Gianluigi and Stefania Peduzzi proudly continue their grandfather’s Abruzzan tradition using only top quality durum wheat semolina, bronze dies and pure mountain water to achieve that perfect texture and taste that made Rustichella D’Abruzzo the most recognized premium pasta, used by top chefs and available in delicatessen shops all over the world.

The drying process is carried out slowly at low temperatures, sometimes for as long as 50 hours at around 35/40 degrees, unlike industrial pasta where drying is carried out at 90 degrees for 4/5 hours.