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The term indicates a type of wildflower honey honey derived from multiple flowers (originally multiflorale). The contemporary collection of bees from the nectar from many different varieties of flowers gives rise to this particular product.

The millefiori is the summer of Prunotto's honeys, highly intense color, crystallizes spontaneously and is the most diverse in the pollen content. It's collected on wild flowers in pristine areas. It is characterized by sweet taste with full flavor. A great spread on bread and satisfying when eaten alone.

Wildflower blossom honey is usually a firm consistency (crystallized honey) and a color that can be clear, from shades of yellow to white opaque or dark shades of red to brown ones.

Generally clear wildflower blossom honey has a sweet flavor that can be more or less intense. On the other hand the flower honey dark usually has a strong flavor with more or less bitter aftertaste.