Martini Ariba White Chocolate ไวท์ชอคโกแล๊ต

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Master Martini Product of the Month is our Ariba line of chocolate Couverature. Ariba is the highest quality Italian made chocolate. It is perfect for the artisan chocolatier and industrial producer as well

Combining Unigrà's know-how in the refining and processing of vegetable fats and oils and the experience in the procurement of cocoa and its derivatives, Master Martini today can boast a range of quality substitutes to meet all the needs of artisans. The Master Martini chocolate substitute comes from top quality vegetable fats: selected, formulated and produced internally according to specific needs, they guarantee high-level products. Thanks to taste, texture, brilliance and viscosity, the molds for covering and decoration are ideal for the most diverse pastry applications, with absolute practicality and speed of use. The Master Martini chocolate substitute is available in different formats (discs, drops and flakes) and flavors (dark, milk and ivory)