GRECI - MUSHROOM PORCINI CHOPPED SAUTEED 800G เห็ดพอร์ชินิหั่นชิ้นในน้ำมันเมล็ดดอกทานตะวัน

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Porcinoidea Trifolato

WITHOUT: ✅ Added Glutamate

Porcini mushrooms cut into medium-sized slices, sautéed, with porcini cream: a classic product in the range, ideal for any dish based on porcini mushrooms.

Sauteed porcini mushrooms High quality porcini mushrooms, large size, sliced and cooked with herbs. Ideal as a side dish, for preparing fi rst and main course dishes.

Serving Suggestions: Ideal as a condiment for first courses with pasta and rice; as a side dish, especially to accompany game and meat dishes in general; as a condiment for polenta, timbales and flans.