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A great Castelmagno produced between 1500 and 1700. Castelmagno gets its name from a famous sanctuary dedicated to San Magno. The first historical news of its production dates back to the XII century, when the marquis of Saluzzo was usual to rent his pastures in return for wheels of Castelmagno.

We believe that this Catselmagno, aged by our friend Giorgio Amedeo, is very close to the original Castelmagno, as it was born. We like it a lot, most of all when it developes blue veins. When we visited the production area, we realized that the cheese expresses all the essences of the pastures.

Origin: Italy - Piedmont

Raw Material: Raw milk from cows raised in cowshed and fed only with hay

Taste: The taste is long, slightly sapid, with hints of grass, flowers and milk. The aftertaste is long, round, crumbly with hints of stone cellars, and wet soil

Maturing: Available at different maturing stages: 2-4 months, 4-6 months and over 6 months

Serving Suggestion: Delicious with pasta plates, in particular with gnocchi or risotto. To be tried with acacia honey or wine jelly