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CARLINO - ANCHOVIES SALTED 850G ปลาแองโชวี่ในน้ำมันดอกทานตะวัน

CARLINO - ANCHOVIES SALTED 850G ปลาแองโชวี่ในน้ำมันดอกทานตะวัน

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Description: The Carlino S.R.L. has been present in the market by four generations in the field of conservation, processing and marketing of fish products. The optimal climate for the seasoning of preserved fish typical of South West Sicily, the exclusive use of Mediterranean basin fish that stands out for its aroma, luster and fragrance, tradition, experience and love for This work, they still do today that the Carlino company a major point of reference in the fish industry. The name Carlino evokes images of a family who has always loved the sea. The passion for business is based on values and traditions that have remained unchanged over time and have been handed down from father to son.

The company Carlino S.R.L. produces anchovy fillets in oil, anchovy pasta, salted anchovies, marinated anchovy fillets, sardines fillets in oil and anchovy juice. The fish used is renowned for its excellent flavor, for its freshness and brightness and is processed fresh to preserve nutritional values, quality and organoleptic characteristics according to the rigid controls of our quality system. The name Carlino has always been renowned in the market for its exceptional ability to innovate.

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