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Provolone Piccante is a rich and slightly pungent cheese. Aged 6-12 months with a sharp, spicy flavor that leaves tingles on the tongue. Like mozzarella, provolone belongs to the pasta filata family of cheeses. It is produced by stretching fresh cheese curds into a taffy-like consistency and then molding the curd into the existing form. The entirety of this process, at Ambrosi, is carried out by humans and their expert hands. The touch is essential for feeling when the cheese is ready - hence why we define our process artisanal; and it's the only way to obtain the desired result. Paired with olives and red wine, Provolone is a favorite antipasto cheese & also used as a grating cheese over finished dishes.

Milk: Cow

Cheese Type: Hard

Cheese Care: Wrap and refrigerate for up to 30 days

Rinds: Edible