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AMBROSI - PECORINO ROMANO เปคโคริโน่ โรมาโน่ ชีส

AMBROSI - PECORINO ROMANO เปคโคริโน่ โรมาโน่ ชีส

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Is a hard, salty Italian cheese, often used for grating. The name "pecorino" simply means "ovine" or "of sheep" in Italian. Pecorino Romano was a staple in the diet for the legionaries of ancient Rome. Today, it is still made according to the original recipe and is one of Italy's oldest cheeses

Raw Material: Sheep’s milk

Origin: Italy

Taste: Its distinctive aromatic and pleasantly sharp, very salty flavour led to it being preferred for some Italian pasta dishes with highly flavoured sauces, especially those of Roman origin, such as Carbonara or Cacio e Pepe

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