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CAROZZI - GORGONZOLA DOLCE DOP กอร์กอนโซล่า ดีโอพี ชีส

CAROZZI - GORGONZOLA DOLCE DOP กอร์กอนโซล่า ดีโอพี ชีส

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Gorgonzola is a very ancient cheese. Some say Gorgonzola was first produced in the namesake town near Milan, in  879 A.D.
Others say that it was first produced in Pasturo a village located in Valsassina, an area famous for its dairy tradition with natural caves that provided a constant average temperature of 6-12°C allowing a perfectly natural ambience for producing and maturing of Gorgonzola Cheese.

Gorgonzola is a straw-white, soft cheese with greenish streaks derived from a process called 'erborinatura' in Italian – in essence the inducement of mould.

It appears creamy and soft, with a unique taste.

Raw Material: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, Penicillium culture

Origin: Italy

Taste: Sweet, buttery, with strong hints of milk and a pleasant sensation linked to the presence of moulds

Suggestions: Delicious with fresh vegetables, on a slice of warm bread alone or with slice of speck, or to season first courses

Established in 1960 by Aldo Carozzi in the heart of Valsassina, in Ballabio first, then in Pasturo, Carozzi Formaggi. For over fifty years they have been committed to combining the precious artisan skills of the cheese-makers with the needs dictated by the most modern taste. The result is a wide range of unique cheeses, the result of a solid passion and some happy intuitions, which over the years receive prestigious awards.

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