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Gli Aironi

AIRONI - RICE ARBORIO 1KG อาโบริโอ (ข้าวพันธุ์อิตาลี)

AIRONI - RICE ARBORIO 1KG อาโบริโอ (ข้าวพันธุ์อิตาลี)

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The experience of five generations in rice cultivation has paid off best in the “Grange” area (surrounding agricultural land of Vercelli), where Gli Aironi has dedicated its efforts to improving farming conditions and investing in quality, experimenting and adopting agricultural methods with minimal environmental impact, whilst rediscovering the most traditional and valuable varieties of this precious cereal crop

Arborio: Is an Italian short-grain rice named after the town of Arborio, in the Po Valley. Ideal for creamy, starchy risotto

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