BEEF US WAGYU - SNAKE RIVER FARMS SILVER SHORTRIBS (MB 4-5) PRICE PER KG เนื้อซี่โครง เนื้อวากิวจากอเมริกา

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Snake River Farms short ribs are 7 pounds of rich, delectable beef. Short ribs were one of the most requested items from our customers and we wanted to offer an American Wagyu version in a big way, quite literally.

This ancient Wagyu breed is the foundation of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef. Crossing bloodlines from our own herd of purebred Japanese Wagyu bulls with traditional, high-quality beef animals, we have found what we think is the “best of both worlds.” Snake River Farms is the perfect blend of the famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beefy flavor.

Cooking Tips: Try them long-cooked in the classic French dish pot-au-feu, seasoned with Korean spices or slow-smoked barbecue style. No matter how you cook them, these giant American Wagyu beauties will be part of a memorable feast.