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The salami Milano is impressive, large, covered with white moulds, the colour of the slice is ruby ​​red, and its aroma is ripe and balanced in spices. On the palate it is mouth-watering and pleasant, tasty with sweetness, capable of releasing autumn notes of walnuts.


The perfect marriage for Salame Milano can only be with the michetta bread, but a fresh and unusual alternative is matched with a salad of red chicory cut into strips with diced apple and raisins, all seasoned with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Also excellent with a milk roll, a light mustard base and a slice of tomato.

Salami Milano can be accompanied with a good Valtellina Superiore GCDO, or with a Valcalepio Rosso boasting an ethereal aroma and a persistent flavour with light hints of black cherry.