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A “crutin” is a small cellar excavated from tuff stone, once used for storage by Langa farmers. This cow’s milk cheese has a crumbly consistency enriched with Summer Truffle shavings, specifically recalling the spirit of those magical tuff stone cellars, which is why Beppino Occelli has called it Crutin. 

Serving Suggestion: best paired with noble Piedmonte wines such as Barbaresco and Barolo. Used for cooking, Crutin proves to be the main ingredient for sumptuous fillings or in the simple sauces for plain pasta and gnocchi.

Beppino Occelli is a cheese producer and refiner. The company located in the Langhe in Piedmont now produces real cheese art signed Beppino Occelli, renowned and award-winning is the butter produced as it once was, the Occelli al Barolo and the inimitable Occelli Malt & Whisky. Beppino Occelli cheese production is all about innovation, immediately anticipating the evolution of tastes, creating unique and inimitable cheeses