MORO - NERO FUME เนโร ฟูเม ชีส

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The name Nero Fumè comes from the type of the tea used for the finishing process.

The cheeses are initially refined with tea Lapsang Souchong and then smoked over cedar and pine then they are placed under vacuum for 3 months to create its original aroma.

The cheese has a refined taste with the unmistakable aroma of toasted sugar, dried fruit, wood, the undergrowth and flowers.

It is a pure cow's milk cheese aged 4 months in wholes from 6/7 kg on.

Origin: Italy - Veneto

Raw Material: Blue cheese produced with pasteurized cow's milk, smoked and flavored with black tea

Taste: Sweet, with predominant smoked notes which are well balanced by hints of mould and cellar; the Lapsang Souchong tea gives roundedness and elegance

Maturing: At least 60 days