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One of the most unique pieces of charcuterie produced in Italy today

APPEARANCE: The piece of lard is cleaned from its skin and then is prepared with salt. It ages for at least 6 months

TASTE: The taste is sweet, full to the palate, buttery. When sautéed it gives a unique toasty and nutty aroma

MATURING: At least 6 months

CURIOSITY: Lard was the meal of the poor miners marble of the Apuan Alps, they ate it sliced in very thin slice, with rustic bread and tomato. A food prepared in the early morning and

intended to support all day the quarry workers. Lard is the typical product of Colonnata, a small village situated on a spur of the marble quarries around Carrara. The custom

of aged lard in white Carrara marble basins dates back to the XI century. The recipe has been passed down from generation and jealously guarded by each manufacturer.

SUGGESTIONS: Traditionally enjoyed very thinly sliced on the grilled bread, maybe with only onion and tomato according to tradition