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Calvisius history begins in the late'70s in Calvisano, a typical Italian town located in the middle of the Po Valley in the province of Brescia, an area rich in fresh spring water. The unique features of the pure water in the area are the foundation of the excellent ecosystem that ensures Calvisius caviar its authenticity and freshness and made it one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world cuisine. Over 150 acres of fresh water ponds are dedicated to the breeding of different varieties of the most valuable sturgeons. Calvisius have been awarded the Certificate Friends of the Sea for the sustainable approach in breeding sturgeons.

Trout: The goal for excellence and highest standards can be tasted in this top quality trout which is slowly smoked using fine beech wood. The result is a fish with a pleasant and flavorful taste typical of this species. Trout will be a star on your table and will make any smoked fish recipe a memorable one.